Trismart in a nutshell

Trismart was established in Amman, Jordan with the aim of providing the Jordanian market with total security solutions to fill the gap in companies offering value added services alongside traditional system integration. Trismart is a privately owned company which has grown organically through its core business activities into becoming one of the leading security providers in Jordan and the Middle East. 

We offer a comprehensive range of security services ranging from CCTV, access control, home automation, fire and intrusion alarms, explosive and metal detectors as well as consultancy services and technical training through our renowned Trismart Academy. Trismart has forged its success on exceptional customer service, delivering customer focused solutions to individuals and key corporations across a range of sectors.

Trismart Group consists of 4 divisions; security solutions, consultancy, support and last but not least the Trismart Academy.

Our Journey over the past 10 years

Our Achievements

Over the past couple of years, Trismart has not only managed to continue its operations effectively, we have actually thrived in a very challenging economic and geo-political environment. Due to the non-cyclical nature of our business, we have seen a steady increase in the demand for our products and services. We have also managed to capitalize on opportunities when identified such as focusing on particular sectors and expanding into certain markets.


#1 Bank Security Expert

1,000 systems installed across 450 branches

Insulated against Arab Spring

Continued to grow despite challenges. 



Organic Growth

Managed to expand organically without external funding.

Consistently Strong Performance

Achieved solid growth in revenues with a CAGR of 39% over the past 5 years.


Securing Projects

Awarded the largest private CCTV project in Jordan – Housing Bank. 

2014 finalist E&Y ENTREPRENEUR of the year

Mohammed Atout, CEO Trismart Group was nominated as one of the finalists of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year 2014 - Jordan.

What does Trismart mean?

technical expertise

Respect for our clients & employees

innovative solutions

By combining the above in a smart way, TRISMART Security offers our Clients complete security solutions that fulfill your needs and exceeds your expectations. 


Meaning behind our brand

At the heart of our brand is the Red Line, which is associated with most security equipment, namely a laser beam that once crossed, sets off an alarm that notifies that the security has been breached. This red line represents security and safety and protects what matters; be it corporate premises, information, personal possessions or even family. Trismart is the provider of this Red Line where we help to protect and secure what matters most to you. Our brand reflects our core business, which is to provide complete security solutions.