Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others
— Booker T Washington

Trismart CSR Activities

We believe that as a company, we need to give back to society. Although historically associated with large corporations, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that businesses of all sizes can implement. Therefore, Trismart has been actively involved with CSR activities since its early days and we continue to strive to have a positive impact on our community and the environment that surrounds us.

We believe that no action is small enough to matter when it comes to caring about our country and its citizens. Therefore, we believe in recycling in order to minimize the waste we produce, we try to reduce our energy consumption by using energy efficient light bulbs and we organize regular clean up campaigns through our Trismart Go Green Initiative.

We also make regular donations to charity and we organize annual iftar events for orphans from the Dar Al Eman Orphanage. 

Trismart Go Green

As part of our CSR initiatives, Trismart organizes regular "Go Green" activities where Trismart employees gather their collective efforts to organize and carry out a clean up campaign at the 
shores of the Dead Sea.

The participation in activities like this falls in line with Trismart's corporate social responsibility strategy towards curbing environmental challenges not only by promoting greener practices at our offices but also by cultivating more eco-friendly attitudes on a grander scale. All Trismart employees participates in the clean-up, serving their community, as well as contributing to the preservation of a healthy environment. 


Ramadan Iftar for Orphans

Every year, during the Holy month of Ramadan, Trismart hosts Iftar events at places such as Burger King, McDonald's and KFC for orphans from the Dar Al Eman Orphanage

In the presence of several company employees, including management, more than 40 orphans get the chance to enjoy the festive atmosphere and the spirit of Ramadan by participating in events such as face-painting, quizzes, games, balloon modelling and gift-giving alongside the Iftar dinner.