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The Trismart Academy has two pillars; enhancing end users knowledge base in regards to the latest technology available as well as training and developing our staff. 

The Academy consists of workshops, case-studies, seminars, technical training and soft skills. We team up with our global technology partners to conduct informative sessions to current and prospective clients. Our future vision is to expand this academy regionally with workshops in Qatar and Palestine in the pipeline.



Where the idea came from

Since the establishment of Trismart, we repeatedly received feedback and inquiries from our customers on opportunities for them and their employees to receive training on the systems and solutions we provide. As security is a field that is under continuous development and is experiencing rapid progress, it can be challenging for end users of security systems to keep up the pace and be on top of the latest technologies available in the market. Hence, a seed was planted that would later grow and become Trismart Technical Training Center (TTT).

Since 2011, TTT has provided seminars in cooperation with our partners with an aim to fill the skills gap available in the market and to provide knowledge and expert guidance on security technology developments. Alongside our re-branding of Trismart Security in September 2014, Trismart Technical Training Center was transformed into Trismart Academy.

Trismart Academy has an ambitious goal of bridging the skills gap in the region when it comes to not only security, but also the soft skills required by today's organizations.

academy VISION:

To become a leading regional provider of training services in the field of security.

academy MISSION:

To bridge the skills gap experienced by corporations through educational and informational activities.



The challenge

In today's modern world where technology advancement is incredibly fast paced, not only do companies need to stay abreast with the latest solutions, but they also need to ensure that their employees possess the necessary skills and talent to operate and master such solutions. Basically, organizations need the skills to keep this very complex technology working.

A business can have all the latest technologies available in the world, but if it does not have the talent behind it, the business will not be sustainable. At its core, the skills gap is an education issue and Trismart Academy seeks to bridge that gap through our educational and informational initiatives. 

What we offer

Trismart Academy offers intensive, theoretical and practical training designed to help you and your staff master the steps necessary for providing the ultimate level of security to your 

The training sessions are full of important and immediately useful techniques that you can put to work as soon as you return to your offices. The training sessions were developed by experienced security professionals both within Trismart Security as well as our internationally renowned partners.

Our workshops, seminars and case-studies address both security fundamentals and awareness, and the in-depth technical aspects of the most crucial areas of security.

Some of our past events

Want to know more?

If you are interested to find out more about our activities and initiatives, we would love to hear from you!