Advisory & Strategic Consultancy

The Trismart Consultancy division was established as a response to recurring inquiries from clients to provide expertise and guidance in establishing and developing their security plan. 

Trismart understands that corporations and individuals do not necessarily possess the knowledge of creating a secure environment for their premises. We also recognize the need to expand the traditional security service of merely installing equipment, to a broader concept of integrating systems with procedures.

As a result, Trismart Consultancy offers its clients advisory and strategic planning as well as implementing appropriate security concepts.



Any organisation that installs a security system relies on this solution to protect their business. Therefore, security assurance is fundamental and effective controls are required to mitigate risk. The business, customers, suppliers, partners and staff, need to have confidence in the installed systems used, together with evidence that their assets/premises/information etc. are appropriately protected.

Understanding the risks and knowing what to do about them is academic unless someone delivers the controls required to reduce those risks. Providing assurance that the controls are suitable, correctly implemented and remain sustainable is what really matters.


When procuring a security system, there are several challenges associated with the selection and implementation of the appropriate solution. Some of those challenges are:

  1. Designing a comprehensive and thorough security master plan that is based on level of threat and includes operational, physical and logical security solutions and proven measures of protection, developing written security policies and procedures for an extensive range of business processes, incidents and situation scenarios.
  2. Making informed decisions when procuring security systems and equipment to ensure that devices: Integrate to maximize efficiency and optimize system capabilities, represent the best in current technology and security offerings and are expandable and offer the ability to add-on additional system devices as needed.
  3. Other challenges include obtaining independent, expert security advice when needed, without hiring a security manager and requisite security staff.


We help our clients to implement appropriate and cost-effective controls to protect their assets against perceived threats, and provide evidence that they are operating as expected. 

We help organisations ensure that the appropriate technical, physical and procedural controls are built into their security systems and are effective across the range of services they offer.